What can we do for you?

Doing business with us means a whole new world of possibilities for you and your own clients. We offer a broad range of services, not only limited to the list below. If you have specific needs, we may probably be able to help you. Simply contact us and we will talk about a solution.

Visitors and clients relationship

  • Personalized content, personal preferences
  • Membership list management and subscription to mailing lists
  • Diffusion of informative and marketing e-mail messages
  • Customer section ('My Account'), account receivables, billing

Credit card payments processing

  • Transparent and flexible online payment platform
  • Connection to Paypal and other payment gateway providers

Web hosting

Application development

  • Analysis, design and architecture of enterprise management softwares

Web Integration / Transformation

  • Adapt visual designs to a Web-suitable format, following the latest standards and ensuring uniform display on all popular browsers.
  • Integrate web sites with existing content or data
  • Integrate web sites with visitor behavior analysis tools (ex: Google Analytics)
  • Make web sites friendlier with search engines (Google and others)

Content management and web publishing

  • News, photos, articles, publications, items, documents, etc.
  • Multilingual content (internationalization)
  • Forums, blogs, photo galleries

Online business

  • Product catalog and inventory management
  • Shopping carts
  • Connection to Paypal and other payment gateway providers