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Domain Registry of Canada scam

Some of our customers have reported receiving domain name renewal letters from a company named Domain Registry of Canada. The letter looks very official, with a maple leaf sign that suggests the letter originates from a canadian government agency.

This is a well known scam. This particular company has been operating for many years, as their service is not technically illegal: if you do pay the rather expensive renewal fee, they will actually transfer your domain name to them.

This company operates by using publicly available domain name registration information. That is how they can obtain your business name, mailing adress and domain expiration date.

If your domain name is registered with us, ask us how to protect you from such bad business practice. We can activate domain registration privacy, which will prevent such company from obtaining your personal information. This is a free service.

Similar scammy companies are probably also operating in the United States and other countries. If you are not sure about a document you receive by e-mail or regular mail, just contact us. We'll be pleased to assist you.


Posted by Cedric on February 16, 2008       See / Post comments

2008 : 10th year in business

The year 2008 marks for us an important milestone: our 10th year in business !

Everything began in two parent's basements. At that time, we were two teenagers sharing the same vision, working passionately on projects while studying. The Internet was off to a good start and we saw the enormous potential in it. Ten years after, many things have changed. For most of us, the Internet is now only a commodity; but there will always be room for innovation. 

Warm Thank you's to all our clients for all the past and future challenges !

Posted by David M. on February 4, 2008       See / Post comments

RoundCube webmail updated

We have just updated the experimental RoundCube webmail to the latest version.

The new version has many bugs fixed and a few nice new features. Please keep in mind though that it is still in active development and not yet considered a stable product.


Posted by Cedric on January 25, 2008       See / Post comments

Happy New Year!

We feel that this time of year is a good time to wish all our visitors and clients a happy New Year 2008. May the incoming year bring you happiness, health and prosperity!

Posted by David M. on December 28, 2007       See / Post comments

Neopeak is now hiring!

A new job opening is now available at Neopeak.

Job title: Software & Web Developer
Start date: Octobre 2007 (or before)

Job description document (PDF format, french only) 

For more information, see the blog entry in french.

If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us and send your CV.
Please forward this information to anybody you know who could be interested!

Posted by David on September 13, 2007       See / Post comments

We're moving!

It's confirmed! On June 27th, 2007, we'll be moving out to one of Montreal's most popular district: the Old-Montreal. We'll then be in the middle of the action and more accessible.

Please note our new address:

Neopeak Internet Solutions Inc.
400 Saint-Jacques St., Suite 204
Old-Montreal, Quebec
H2Y 1S1

Our phone number will stay the same: (514) 906-5847. 

Posted by David on May 31, 2007       See / Post comments

RoundCube webmail now available for testing

RoundCube is a modern, clean looking and highly interactive webmail reader.

We will eventually add it to the menu of the admin sites (http://admin.[]/), but first we want to gather some feed back about it to make sure it is ready for prime time.

Use the following URL to access it, and don't forget to send us your comments!

Posted by Cedric on May 12, 2007       See / Post comments